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Agence France-Presse reporter Alexander Gayuk, who was injured after being caught in a crossfire while covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine, spoke out on the incident in Donetsk, Monday. Gayuk, a 33-year-old photo and video journalist, was injured in the knee, likely by shrapnel due to heavy shelling in the Kuibushevsky district, in Donetsk on June 14. Gayuk received 12 stitches and has since checked out of the hospital. He is still recovering and unable to carry his camera equipment, which he noted was 'difficult,' not only physically, but morally, given his profession and "knowing what is happening at the moment in the country." The Kuibushevsky district, where Gayuk resides, has been the site of intense shelling over the past week. Two civilians were reportedly killed and nine wounded.


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