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Argentina: Protesters flood Buenos Aires to voice support for President Macri

2 25.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters marching and waving Argentinean flags, Buenos Aires
M/S Protesters chanting and holding signs
W/S Protesters gathering in front of Pink House
C/U Protesters chanting and holding sign reading (Spanish) 'Government without corrupted [rulers]'
M/S Protesters holding signs reading (Spanish) 'Macri re-elected' and 'Yes! We can'
C/U Protesters chanting and holding sign reading (Spanish) 'Mistakes can be corrected, immorality cannot'.
C/U Protesters holding flags and signs
C/U Protesters chanting and holding pictures of Argentinean president Mauricio Macri
SOT, Raul Marcantonio, Protester (Spanish): "The reason for my assistance is to support President Mauricio Macri. We are all struggling to achieve his re-election because here there is a dilemma that is Republic or dictatorship and we support the Republic and the institutions, that's why all of us who are here are for that reason."
C/U Protesters waving Argentinean flags
M/S Protesters holding signs
M/S Protesters holding sign with Argentinean president Macri and Buenos Aires province Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal
C/U Protesters chanting and waving Argentinean flags
SOT, Rosa Lopez Carrizo, Protester (Spanish): "For democracy, to defend these people who are sunk in misery, in fright, in horror, in murder."
C/U Protesters holding banners and signs
M/S Protester holding sign reading (Spanish): 'Stay strong 'Let's Change'
C/U Protesters
M/S Protesters gathering in front of Pink House
M/S Protesters waving Argentinean flags
SOT, Pablo Montagna, Protester (Spanish): "In defence of democracy because I believe that if we do not support this government that is the most democratic that we have lived after Alfonsin I think that democracy will be in danger."
M/S Protesters marching and chanting *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Pablo Montagna, Protester (Spanish): "the elections are in October and I hope that the results that came out of the PASO (Primary elections) will not be repeated."
M/S Protesters marching and banner reading (Spanish) 'The homeland is in danger if thieves come back'
W/S Protesters marching
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Buenos Aires to voice support for current Argentinean President Mauricio Macri on Saturday.
Footage shows demonstrators gathering around Macri's official office, the Casa Rosada, in the famous Plaza de Mayo square, carrying banners and signs, as they waved Argentinean flags along the way.
According to reports, the demonstration was called by Argentinean actor, Luis Brandoni, and film director, Juan Jose Campanella, who started promoting the hashtag #24AYoVoy (#24AI'mGoing) to call for the supporters of the current government to take a stand for the ruling party 'Let's Change.'
The show of support came just days after Macri's defeat in Argentina's legally mandated presidential primary, which is used to determine who may run in the actual election.
Macri and his running mate only received 32 percent of the vote, while Alberto Fernandez and his running mate Macri's predecessor Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner got 47 percent.
If these results were to be replicated at the general election in October, Fernandez could well win in the first round of voting as he will pass the threshold of winning either 45 percent of the total vote or 40 percent along with at least a 10 percent lead on the next candidate.