USA: St. Augustine starts recovery efforts following Hurricane Matthew

Residents of the city of St. Augustine started cleaning up their properties and clearing debris from the streets after Hurricane Matthew slammed into the city.
The city is among the worst-affected by the hurricane winds and water in Florida.
The authorities have reportedly reopened two main bridges leading to Anastasia Island, allowing the residents to return to their properties. However, the State Road 206 remains closed due to structural damage. Among the local business owners who have returned to the city is the Binninger family who expressed that they were "happy" to be back at their restaurant business and lucky to find their store with little damage.
Since its arrival in the Caribbean, Hurricane Matthew has caused mass damage in Haiti, killing close to 900 and destroying some 80 percent of homes in the country's Sud department. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, at least 350,000 people on the island are in need of assistance.
In the US, at least 15 people have died, with the states of Florida, South Carolina, parts of North Carolina and Georgia declaring a state of emergency.