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Switzerland: Goodbye airport queues, hello Leo! Meet the luggage-lifting ROBOT that checks you in

151 15.06.2016 Инфо

A robot called Leo that can autonomously weigh luggage, print baggage tags, and transport travellers' belongings was on show at Geneva Airport, Tuesday, as officials attempt to bring the airport thoroughly into the 21st century.
The robo-check-in assistant was developed by the airport technology company SITA which programmed the robot to avoid obstacles and passengers in busy airports. Leo can carry up to two suitcases that weigh up to 35 kilograms (77 pounds) each directly to the luggage handling area inside the airport.
"The concept is to be able to test this robot to see if it can enable passengers to do their bag drop outside the terminal and then they can walk inside directly to security and robot will take their luggage inside the terminal. What it does - it reduces the number of bags coming into the terminal," Geneva Airport manager said.
The robot was named after Leonardo Da Vinci, whose mechanical knight is believed to be the first robot ever.