The Selfie Swing is the Selfie Stick's Smaller, Weirder Brother

Obsessed with selfies, but hate the idea of carrying around a selfie stick? Asus has a different take: the selfie swing. Launched as a prototype at the Computex trade show in Taiwan as part of the ZenFone Selfie phone presentation, the selfie swing is an optional phone attachment that doubles as a stand and an arm extender for that elusive perfect selfie. The idea of the swing is not entirely clear. It seems the point is to open and hold it while taking a selfie, which gives you an additional inch or two of distance between your face and your phone. Alternatively, you can set the phone to take a timed shot and use the swing as a phone stand, eliminating the need to pester strangers to take your photo. Retract it and the swing simply becomes a frame for the phone, possibly giving it some protection against impact.