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Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage said that while "not everyone" likes him he would still try to lead the charge for a British exit from the EU, during a presser in London, Wednesday. Tory defector and UKIP’s only member to win a seat in the British elections Douglas Carswell could be seen texting throughout the vast majority of Farage's speech, with continued rumours the two politicians are at loggerheads over who should lead the party. Farage stated that it was well placed to campaign for a No vote in a referendum on Britain’s place in the EU, specifically in former Labour strongholds of Britain, whether or not he had the support of his party. Carswell briefly looked up from his phone to clap Farage's speech. The former Conservative MP is reportedly one of the three key members of UKIP to attempt a coup against Farage for the party’s leadership earlier this month, according to former UKIP election strategist Raheem Kassam.


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