France: Riot police patrol Rennes ahead of police brutality protest

Dozens of armed riot police patrolled the streets of Rennes, Saturday, ahead of a rally against police violence at which hundreds of protesters are expected.
Over the last few weeks scores of protests have taken place in most major cities in France, in opposition to the government's planned labour law reforms.
Many of the protests have ended in violence between the protesters and the police, with protesters calling out what they see as overly forceful tactics from law enforcement to quell the demonstrations.
Commonly referred to as the 'El Khomri law' after French Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri, the president and prime minister have said they will impose the labour reforms by decree. They will concern almost all aspects of the country's labour laws. France's 35-hour work week will be changed to allow employers to ask a maximum of 46 hours from their employees; companies will have greater freedoms to reduce salaries; and employers will have greater powers to fire their workers.