Bob Baffert -- American Pharoah's Gonna Get Sooo Laid!!!

American Pharoah is gonna be more like American Gigolo after this weekend -- 'cause now that he's a Kentucky Derby champ, he's gonna get sooooo much horse ass ... so says his trainer Bob Baffert.
The legendary horse trainer touched down at LAX after watching A.P. dominate at Churchill Downs -- Baffert's 4th time winning the Derby -- and told us Pharoah's stud value just went through the roof.
"He's gonna get a lot of action," Baffert said.
Of course, Pharoah still has to get through the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes before he becomes a professional impregnator -- but if he wins those too ... it'll raise his price EVEN MORE!
Ladies love a winner.