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Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko announced in Moscow, Wednesday, that the Russian Transaero airlines will be banned from operating flights starting next Monday after "a complex analysis of flight operating safety" by Russia's Aviation watchdog. He added that "all the members of the commission without exception, came to the conclusion that the airline is unable to service or clear debts." Alexander Neradko also said that this means the air carrier was unable "to finance the current operating activities to the extent required." He continued to say that the ban would take effect "from October 26, from the date of the suspension of the airline's certificate." He warned that "taking into account that tickets were booked up to April 4, 2016, it is necessary to provide the transportation of 155,218 passengers." Transaero is a Russian airline, whose headquarters is in Saint Petersburg, was the second biggest airline in Russia after Aeroflot, however deep in debt. It filed for bankruptcy in the beginning of the October, which led Aeroflot to take operative control over Transaero.


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