Majestic - Meant To Be [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Atomic Beats
Lyrics: Majestic
Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Photographer: Georgi Gramatikov
Photoshop Designer: Boyana Jeleva


I just gotta get a hold of myself,
I’m falling apart now,
But I know that I can make it through,
I see the lightness at the dark now,
So from this moment on,
I’ma be strong and continue to be,
Everything to make me what I am now,
Everything is gonna make me what I’m meant to be!

[Verse 1]

I am meant to be one of the greatest that ever lived,
You are meant to sit and watch me on TV,
Because I’m gonna be what I said I’m gonna be,
Ten years ago when I was still a silly kid,
Like Martin Luther King – I had a fucking dream,
And to realize it I would stop at nothing,
You work 9-5, I work 24-7,
I will be a hero billionaire like fucking Batman,
I will be a God, before I go to heaven,
I’ll make enough music, to definitely deafen,
Both mine and your ears, for years and years,
To come, and until your puny brains go numb,
From the common sense I pour into you scum,
When I was a kid I made a promise to my mum,
That I’d be number one, but now the time has come,
To sit back and enjoy me put the world in my palm!


[Verse 2]

Had a dream I was a king, woke up I was nothing,
So I got up and turned nothing into something,
Can you feel my flow is about to be disgusting?
Can you see what I dream I’m already becoming?
Can you do something to try and fucking stop me?
No you fucking can’t bitch so keep on trying,
But you aren’t climbing the ladder of success,
Like I do on a daily fucking basis,
I only strive for greatness and all you are is basic,
Face it! What I do you couldn’t even take it,
Ace’s style will never be outdated,
But no matter what I do I know I will be hated,
Once I blow up you’ll call me overrated,
Then you’ll say that my soul belongs to Satan,
And when you realize your life has been wasted,
I’ll be in my prime – a legend is created!


[Verse 3]

To all the friends I used to have and all the bitches that I banged,
I just want y’all to know to me you are dead,
No matter what I said all you did was make me fed,
Up with your bullshit because you never took it,
At face value and now I’m about to lose it,
Kindness isn’t weakness so please don’t confuse it,
When I offer you my hand don’t you dare to refuse it,
Stupid, don’t you know I’m not even human?
Let me elaborate on the confusion,
A beast and a monster is what resides my conscience,
A genius in the subconscious outweighs your options,
For survival then I kill you like abortions,
Not a threat it’s a promise,
Honest, I am meant to be the hottest,
With a wife to be a goddess, the world is
Not enough though, I want the parallel universes!