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Canada: Trudeau holds final rally ahead of federal election

1 21.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's rally, Vancouver
M/S Banners reading: 'Stop conservative cuts', ' Vote liberal'
W/S Rally
M/S People clapping
M/S Trudeau being greeted by people
M/S People filming Trudeau
M/S Banner reading: 'Choose forward'
SOT, Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister: "So not only are we fighting and have we been fighting against conservative politicians, conservative premiums like Jason Kenney and Doug Ford who're taking us to court because they want to make pollution free again. We are saying 'no.' Everywhere across the country we need to fight climate change."
W/S Trudeau supporters with Canadian flag in background
M/S Trudeau greeting supporters and holding child
Supporters of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended his final rally in Vancouver on Sunday, on the eve of the federal election.
People cheered Trudeau, with some seen holding banners reading: 'Stop conservative cuts' and ' Vote liberal.'
Addressing the crowd, Trudeau called for a fight against climate change across Canada.
Trudeau's main opponent is Conservative Andrew Scheer, with polls showing two rivals being neck-and-neck with neither of them being able to secure the majority.