Russia: Black Sea Fleet Marines test new equipment before possible Syria deployment

Footage emerged of Russian Black Sea Fleet Marines training with new military equipment, including the BTR 82 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) and the Ratnik infantry combat suit at a naval training ground near Sevastopol, Thursday.
The training ground was chosen due to its similarities with Russian bases in Syria, which the same Marines secure when on active duty in Syria. Training was conducted using the BTR 82 APCs, currently in use at Russia's Hmeymim base in Latakia, Syria, with many of the drills oriented around that particular armoured vehicle.
The troops also wore the new Ratnik integrated combat suit, designed to protect troops as well as enhance communication between commanders and men. The Ratnik suit also includes modern body armour, a helmet with a thermal and night vision monocular, and flashlight, and Russia's GLONASS satellite navigation and location system.
Sergeant Sergei Belousov of the first air assault platoon praised the exercises saying they "are very close to real fighting: there are imitations of explosions, smoke and fire." According to the training scenario, the Marines patrolling a base perimeter in armoured vehicles discover an enemy force and must repel or defeat them.