USA: New Yorkers face long queues as they cast their votes in 2016 US election

New Yorkers cast their ballots in the 2016 US presidential elections at a polling station at
Beekman Hill International school, in the city's Uptown, Tuesday.
New York remains a major 'blue' state, and has not voted Republican since Ronald Raegan in the 1984 election. Along with Florida, New York is the third largest prize in the Electoral College with 29 votes.
More than 120 million Americans are expected to cast their votes to elect the 45th US president in the 2016 election.
Spanning across six time zones, the opening and closing of polls vary from state to state. The earliest opened at 6:00 EST (11:00 GMT, 12:00 CET) on the east coast, and will close at 01:00 GMT
Timings vary for each state: voting got underway the earliest on the East Coast from (11:00 GMT, 12:00 CET) and will close by 19.00 (00.00 GMT, 01:00 CET) on Tuesday. Polls in Alaska won't close until 01:00 EST (06.00 GMT, 07.00 CET) on Wednesday.
The earliest possible time the result could be made known is Wednesday at 04:00 GMT (05.00 CET).
Later on Tuesday, Clinton is due to hold an election night event in New York at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre, while Trump will hold an election night gathering at the New York Hilton Midtown.