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В Панама запалиха над девет тона кокаин и канабис

10 960 13.06.2015 Инфо

Narcotics officers burned an estimated 9.1 tons (20062 lbs) of seized drugs in Panama City, Friday. Officials from the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) who led the investigation stated that 8,045 kilograms (17,736 lb) of cocaine, 1,066 kilograms (2350 lbs) of marijuana and 7.8 kilograms (17 lbs) of heroin were among the drugs destroyed at the Cerro Patacon landfill. The drugs, mostly bound for the US, were just a small part of the 27 tons (59525 lbs) of drugs that Panamanian police have intercepted since the beginning of 2015.