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France: Lawyers, doctors and pilots protest against planned pension reform

5 17.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Lawyers, doctors and pilots protest against pension reform, Paris
W/S Protesters holding signs, music being played
M/S Protesters holding signs, music being played
W/S Protesters marching, sign reading "Liberal nurses angry"
M/S Protesters whistling and waving flags
W/S Protesters standing behind banner
SOT, Marie-Aimee Peyron, barrister advocate of the Paris Bar (French): "It's unprecedented and it's only the beginning! This is only the first round!"
M/S Lawyers wearing black robe and holding balloons and flags *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Marie-Aimee Peyron, barrister advocate of the Paris Bar (French): "It's our independence that is at stake. For a lawyer, it's fundamental. It is the proximity of care, it is the proximity of justice, it is
access to rights that are at stake. Because if we double the social contributions of our lawyers, we know very well that they will be in financial difficulty. This is clearly an economic, social and financial disaster that is announced. We will not accept to see our law firms sacrificed!"
M/S Sign reading (French): "28% more of contributions = death of liberals =no more nurses to care for mama"
W/S Balloons hovering over the crowd
W/S Protesters marching
SOT, Thierry Maure, liberal nurse from Nurse Convergence union (French) : "So far our contributions were calculated on our net income which will be raised to 28 percent on the gross salary, which will impact very strongly the health and private doctor offices including nurses which may close due to lack of financial means. Ultimately it will be patients who will be impacted by having difficulties in the future to find nursing offices. We are one of the few professions to be working on the ground seven days a week."
W/S Protesters marching
M/S Sign reading (French): "Lawyers over-taxed, pensions sacrificed, jobs in danger"
W/S Banner reading (French): "National breakage of French barristers, retirement of lawyers"
C/U Sign reading (French): "Lawyers over-taxed, pensions sacrificed, jobs in danger"
SOT, Frederic Belot, barrister advocate of the Paris Bar (French): "There is a report studied by a committee that has been submitted and we know the main lines of the reform. Today we understand that if we talk about consultation [with the government], this consultation is only facade, because in reality they want to impose a system that does not suit us. The lawyers were not accepted at first on the general pension system, they created their own autonomous pension system and today they want to bind us to the general system, which is extremely worrying because we are in a country of freedom. We have organized ourselves and we wish this freedom to be respected and maintained."
W/S Balloon
M/S Protesters standing behind banner
M/S Pilots wearing uniforms and chatting
C/U Note (French): "Don't steal my retirement"
SOT, Yves Deshayes, president of the National union of airline pilots (French): "The state no longer wants to take care of everything that is outside the universal pension system. What it wants is that all this money will be managed by capitalization by bankers, by insurers. We know the fragility of this system, we've seen it many times and we do not want it. We want to continue to manage the money we put into these plans on our own, for free, effectively, as we have done for 70 years."
W/S Balloons hovering over protesters
M/S Protesters holding signs
SOT, Ugo Bernalicis, official of the far left party "Insoumis" (French) : "This reform, finally it is not there to do more justice and more equality, it is there probably to bail out the cash boxes that
are empty but especially to push everyone to make retreats by capitalization, to you push towards the private insurance system and distract you from solidarity."
M/S Protesters on truck
W/S Police cars in front of protesters, paris
Around 20,000 people wearing black lawyer robes, pilot uniforms, and hospital clothing took to the streets of Paris on Monday to oppose pension reforms.
Protesters, including lawyers, doctors, nurses, pilots and flight attendants marched with their unions from the Opera towards the Bastille, showing the sign 'No to the Pension Tax.'
They were protesting against a planned pension reform which would merge the current 42 different pension schemes into a single point system.
Both people working in the private sector and employees in jobs regulated by the state, who benefit from special pension schemes, believe they would lose from the change.