What Does Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell Worry About?

Former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morell, has a depth of expertise understanding the national security threats facing the US today.
His career as a company man cast him into the nation's largest counter-terrorism efforts following the attacks of September 11.
Now, the retired man of the shadows is out in the open about his secretive life in espionage.
On Monday, Morell spoke with Politico Magazine National Editor Michael Hirsh about his time in the CIA and his thoughts on the future of national security.
Morell told Hirsh during the interview, "the other thing I worry about is a directed attack by ISIS or al Nusra or Khorasan." An attack such as the recent mall shooting in Kenya.
The first thing which concerns Morell, remains to be al Qaeda's presence on the Arabian peninsula.
He stated, the last three attempts on the homeland have come from AQAP, the acronym for Arabian al Qaeda affiliates.