USA: Obama “divisive” and Bush “weak” – Donald Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump called US President Barack Obama divisive and his opponent Jeb Bush "weak", as he addressed the press before heading to the ball room of Baltimore's BWI Marriott hotel, where the 25th Annual 'Red, White and Blue Dinner' is being held, on Tuesday. Trump, who made his bid official after filing his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission the previous day, said he is being taken "very seriously" and referred to a recent poll suggesting the entrepreneur is currently in second place, just after Jeb Bush, among New Hampshire Republicans. During his press conference Trump accused Bush of being "weak on immigration" and "wrong on education" among other things. He also lamented about the African American youth, saying "there is no spirit", and voiced his disappointment about President Obama. In connection to the Ukraine conflict Trump went as far as calling the President "desperate" and called for tougher sanctions against Russia.