Pakistan: Protesters in Peshawar pay tribute to Garland gunmen

Dozens of protesters gathered in Peshawar, Tuesday, to pay tribute to the gunmen who attacked a conference on cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that had been organised by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) in Garland, Texas on May 3. “We strongly condemn the blasphemous event organized by Pamela Geller under AFID”, a banner held by the protesters stated. The protesters consider the gunmen Nadir Sufi and Elton Simpson to be supportive of the teachings of Islam and, condoning their actions, one protester said they “scarified their lives for the cause”. Protesters chanted slogans against US citizens and the event organiser Pamela Geller, and paid tribute to the two gunmen, holding prayers in absentia for them. Both gunmen were shot and killed by police who were helping to keep the event secure.