USA: Obama calls for greater intelligence sharing at NSS

US President Barack Obama called on countries to do more to share intelligence during his closing statements at the fourth and last Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in Washington D.C., Friday.
In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey and Belgium, Obama said: "We're all going to have to do more when it comes to intelligence sharing. We simply cannot afford to have critical intelligence not being shared as needed, whether between governments or within governments and today is an opportunity to explore ways to step up those efforts."
The US leader also warned that "as ISIL is squeezed in Syria and Iraq we can anticipate it lashing out elsewhere," adding that: "This means the sense of urgency we've shown in destroying ISIL in Iraq and Syria also has to infuse our efforts to prevent attacks around the world. We need to do even more to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters."
The NSS is a world summit initiated by Obama's administration; it is aimed at preventing nuclear proliferation and securing vulnerable nuclear materials worldwide.