Majestic - Good Luck [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Lyrics: Majestic
Sound Recording & Mastering: Bate Sasho
Model: Radostina Todorova
Photographer: Nikolay Ivanov
Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



Uh yea…I wanna dedicate this to uh…all my haters…just wanna say that uh…I love y’all! Haha!


Good luck to my enemies and yes I mean it,
When you face me like hell you’re gonna need it,
Hitting rock bottom once a year ‘cause I feel it,
Best believe it, I do it so I ease it,
Up for you and your fucking crew,
So when I chew you up I spit you like *spit*,
#fuckyou #merkyou
Already hated so go ahead thank you!

[Verse 1]

Sit beside the Lord and pray to him bitch,
I don’t mean the Disick and I don’t mean to diss him,
I’m referring to Asen, do you know him?
Motherfucker got royal blood in his veins,
Goes through hell, never once complains,
Raised by the pain so that must explain,
If every now and then he goes motherfuck insane,
There I go, talking in third person again,
Guess I’m used to the mask like Bruce Wayne,
Bayne or what’s his name? Lector the Hannibal,
Majestic is an animal, have you read the chronicles?
If Em is phenomenal, I am a Bionicle,
‘Bout a year ago I spoke to an oracle,
Apparently my life was a mission impossible,
I had been cursed, the shit sounded comical,
Someone close to me was apparently responsible,


[Verse 2]

You live and criticize and then you will die,
I love it how you bitches always ask me “why
do you make music in English are you shy?
Why don’t you try to make it in your mother tongue?”
Alright let me break it down for you hun,
You dumb ass bitch Bulgarian cunts,
I tried to explain it multiple times,
That our country has enough feeble minded stars,
Managing to rap 16 words in 16 bars,
You aren’t on my level, a child from the stars,
The difference between a giant and a mouse,
In this case a slut, it’s your dirty fucking mouth,
With which you sucked all of these motherfucking cocks,
That inspires me to write all of these tracks,
Go ahead and ask yourself, “the hell did I achieve?”
Before you make a comment on my legacy to be,



People grow, people change,
But me I stay the same,
I turn pain into power,
I will die, not a coward,
I devour every hour,
If you with me come and holla,
If you ain’t, fuck about a
Here before you disappear!


Yea…stop telling me I should do this or that in Bulgarian. What’s the problem, you don’t get shit? Get yourselves a fucking dictionary and shut the fuck up about it! This product isn’t for you, it’s for the world. I’m going global bitch…international…galactic…universal even! Haha!