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Belgium: Lega Nord's Salvini welcomes formation of pan-European right-wing bloc

Matteo Salvini, the federal secretary of the Italian Lega Nord party, touted the establishment of a new far-right bloc in the European Parliament in Brussels, Tuesday, named 'Europe of Nations and Freedoms.' Speaking at the press conference following the announcement of the group's formation by Marine le Pen, president of French Front National party, the populist Italian politician called the alliance 'courageous'. He went on to say that he was happy to be in a group that opposed Brussels, and that its formation would protect against what he claims is the 'illegal invasion' of Europe. The Lega Nord representative is to be joined by the French Front National party, the Dutch Partij voor de Vrijheid,, the Austrian Freiheitliche Partei Osterreichs, the Flemish nationalist group Vlaams Belang, and Hungary's Jobbik Party. To be officially recognised in parliament, the bloc needs to include at least 25 members of parliament from seven EU member states.