Majestic - Hurricane [audio]

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Producer: Rameca Records
Music: Atomic Beats
Lyrics, Sound Recording & Mastering: Majestic
Photographer & Photoshop Designer: Vassil Vassilev



There’s always somebody who really wants to make you fall,
But you can rise above, rise above it all,
Don’t listen to the lies that try to make you feel so small,
‘Cause you’re a hurricane, and you’re riding through the storm, riding through the storm…

[Verse 1]

I think I said it in another motherfucking song,
That all of you should suck my dick ‘cause Imma keep on going,
But here we are again, reminding all of the so-called friends,
The guys too scared of me so they tell their own girlfriends,
To call me up instead and find a solution to the boy’s problems,
That your silly ways will never get my mind to ever ever change,
Since I don’t pity you will turn my anger into rage,
Say that I’m insane and Majestic is a fake,
You’re right on both accounts bitch, although you are a dumb bitch,
Go ahead and snitch bitch because you are a bitch snitch,
I bitch-slap bitches, don’t tolerate shit,
You can have the finger al-though we used to shake hands,
Friends that aren’t real, aren’t real friends,
Get rid of those fucks as quickly as you can,
And don’t be fooled by brothers, sisters or cou-sins,
Because the closest to you screw you hardest in the end!


[Verse 2]

Try and make me fall, you will meet my elbow,
In your ugly teeth, they say karma is a bitch,
But indeed so are you, raised by fools,
So you are a dweeb, while I was raised by wolves,
Flunked all the schools and I broke all the rules,
Because education doesn’t mean you are smart,
But you know all about it don’t you retard?
See you might die-hard but I don’t die at all!
I learned how to ball when I was five years old,
Couldn’t be controlled and I never took a ‘no’,
As an answer, even when I was in Pampers,
Sorry mo-ther be-cause I had no manners,
Created for myself some imaginary standards,
Stubborn as a mule, turned hatred into fuel,
Created dual personality and became cruel,
Fuck you! My dream is my crown jewel!


[Verse 3]

Why is it that everybody wants to hurt me?
Why is it that everybody wants to fucking burn me?
Why is it that every time I try and do good,
I get misunderstood and get treated like the bad guy should?
Consider me just a modern day Robin Hood,
If I do bad things then it’s only for the good,
Of you, of me, of our families,
And instead of saying ‘thanks’ and smile happily,
All you little pricks would much rather stab me,
In the fucking back, you ungrateful little fucks,
You think you’ve got me trapped in a motherfucking box,
But, if you check your clocks you will see that me,
I’ve never been defeated because I am a beast,
I’ve never given up, you know that much at least,
But you will not admit, the fact that you will miss,
Me, if tomorrow I would cease to exist!