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Syria: Russian military police patrol Manbij after withdrawal of US forces

7 16.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Russian military police convoy patrol city of Manbij
M/S Children waving
W/S Residents honking horn on motorcycle
M/S Vehicles passing beside sign
M/S People waving from motorcycle
C/U Russian flag on vehicle
W/S Man waving from street
C/U Russian military officer
M/ Men waving and taking photographs with mobile phones
C/U Russian flag on vehicle
M/S Boys waving from motorcycle
M/S Vehicle advancing
M/S Men doing 'OK' sign from motorcycle
W/S Vehicles advancing
M/S Residents doing 'OK' sign from van
W/S Russian military police convoy advancing and residents honking horn on motorcycles, Manbij
Russian military police were seen patrolling Manbij in footage filmed by an embedded Russian journalist on Tuesday. The footage was released on Wednesday.
According to the statement released by the Russian Defence Ministry (MoD) Turkish military forces were a few kilometers away, on the outskirts of the city at the time of the patrol.
Footage shows Tiger armoured cars advancing through the area, with residents and children waving and greeting as the vehicles pass by.