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A Harley-Davidson motorcycle owned and ridden by Marlon Brando, a Confederate Hellcat used while filming "Gone in Sixty Seconds" and ridden by Nicholas Cage, Bruce Willis's Ducati Multistrada DS100 are among the vehicles pictured on Monday that are up for grabs at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills. The legendary KITT car from the 80s series Knight Rider, was also being prepared to soon meet its new owner after sale. The Hell's Chariot Mercury Hot Rod from the film Grease is also set to go under the hammer. Over 1,000 items will be auctioned off between June 26 and 27 and are expected to go for an estimated $1.5-2 million (€ 1.3-1.7mn). KITT alone has been estimated to sell for $200,000-300,000 (€175,000-263,000), while the custom convertible Hell's Chariot has been valued at $400,000-600,000 (€351,000-527,000).


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