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As thousands of refugees waited to cross the Berkasovo-Bapska border crossing into Croatia, many attempted to make it over the frontier by running through fields and vineyards into Croatian territory from the Serbian border town of Berkasovo, Wednesday. The border was opened in the early hours of the morning, with authorities allowing groups of refugees to enter the country, arranging buses for the migrants. Croatian officials later closed the frontier. Many of the 2,000 to 3,000 waiting at the crossing attempted to pass the frontier by running through surrounding fields. Police attempted to stop the refugees, but reportedly gave up due to the numbers. New buses bringing further groups of refugees from the Macedonian-Serbian border to the Berkasovo-Bapska crossing are continually arriving. Bad weather conditions have caused disruption and delays as Croatian police struggled to deal with the numbers attempting to enter through the border village. On Tuesday, Croatian authorities allowed 2,000 refugees to enter the country from Serbia, but later closed the frontier, allowing only the ill and disabled to pass through. A dispute over the handling of refugees has emerged between both Serbia and Croatia. Tensions arose after Croatia began turning away vehicles and migrants at its borders, saying it could not cope with the numbers.


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