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UK journalist Sarah Harrison who helped whistleblower Edward Snowden flee the US, received the SPD Willy Brandt Award for "exceptional political courage" in Berlin, Monday. In her speech, Harrison accused the UK and other governments around the world including Germany of abusing the term national security "as fear mongering in an attempt to justify their stripping us of our rights [...] it is under the guise of national security that the UK is trying to scrap the Human Rights Act. It is under the guise of national security that the UK and other states including Germany, work with a foreign government to spy on their own citizens," Harrison stated. The journalist also accused the German government and the SPD party in particular, of politically blocking Edward Snowden to testify in Germany safely and of passing the data retention law, "almost unanimously." Noting that Edward Snowden is only being protected by Russia, Harrison went on to demand a release of Snowden and Julian Assange, while warning that in order for this to take place, the government will have to stand up to the US to defend human rights and the rule of law. "I ask that that country be Germany," Harrison concluded.


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