State of Palestine: Russia should play an effective role in the peace process - Abbas

The Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas thanked the Russian Prime Minister for financing the reconstruction of the historical centre of Jericho in the ancient city, on Friday.
Following Russian-Palestinian talks earlier in the day, Abbas speaking alongside Dmitri Medvedev stated, "Dear friend Dmitri Anatolyevich [Medvedev], I especially thank you for the fact that Russia financed reconstruction works in Jericho's historic centre. In this connection, following some time, we will unveil a street named after you."
Summarising the discussions, Medvedev reported that they discussed, "the Middle East settlement, Palestinian-Israeli dialogue and security in the region." He also noted that "we signed documents which from our point of view they are important. These include intergovernmental agreements on protection of investments and a number of other agreements. I hope they will help to strengthen our engagement."
Abbas added that they "discussed the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a trilateral meeting in Moscow, which the Israelis demanded to postpone." He added that "we believe that Russia should play an effective role in any developments regarding the peace process."
Later in the day Medvedev will also visit a Russian Museum and Park Complex, Hisham's Palace and present Russian language textbooks to Palestinian students. On Thursday Medvedev visited Israel where he held talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin.