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Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope, is the new game title developed by the Swiss game company called Blindflug Studios that depicts the migration movement as confirmed by the game's developers during an interview in Zurich, Tuesday. The game puts father and daughter, Francisco and Amelia, in a world above the clouds where they face a number of challenges in order to reach "SPIRE" (the only gateway where you can reach the floating sky cities) for a better life. Jeremy Spillmann, lead game designer and co-founder of Blindflug Studios said that "migration has always been a big topic but at least we in Europe or also in the north of America is often talked about people arriving at boarders but sadly isn't talk about the long journeys that they have to pre taken so we felt like that is something really cool that you can join in a game how people live migration journey on their own." Tabea Iseli, head developer on Cloud Chasers added that "it is inspired by those real life topic also a lot of game mechanics are inspired by those real life topic like you mention smugglers and there are deportation in the game so there are like border patrols roaming through the dessert in the game and if they catch you they will take you back to the last city so a lot of the game either mechanic or story wise is inspired by real life facts." Blindflug Studios claim that they started designing the game around July and August 2014, way before the migrant and refugee crisis hits the wires in Europe. The game will cost around $4 dollars (€3.49) and is available on App Store and Google Play from October 15.


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