Colombia: Hundreds celebrate historic ceasefire between FARC and government

Hundreds flocked the streets of Bogota, Thursday, to celebrate a historic peace deal reached between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos flew to Havana, Cuba to sign the deal together with FARC's leader, Rodrigo London, also known as 'Timochenko.'
Andreas Aldana, a member of the youth branch of Colombia's Communist Party, expressed relief, a feeling that was shared by many in the crowd: "Today we are in the city centre, in the seventh [avenue] waiting for the peace agreement to be signed in Havana with Santos [Colombian President], waiting for the signs after a long time, expecting different things that were never accomplished before, but after a long time we managed to obtain peace and to achieve changes, either with the state, either with the people or with the guerrilla."
FARC was officially formed in 1964 after a military attack against the farming community of Marquetalia, which drove activists and fighters into hiding in the mountains and isolated rural areas. Negotiations towards ending armed conflict with the Colombian government have been ongoing since the mid-1980s, with official peace talks re-commencing in 2012.