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Spain: Barcelona protests continue for fourth straight day

4 18.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Protesters running, Barcelona
M/S Protesters running
W/S Protesters running
W/S Police officers running and carrying a backpack
W/S Police vehicles
W/S Protester setting pile of cardboard on fire
W/S Objects on fire in front of shop
W/S Fire burning
M/S Firefighters putting out fire
W/S Firefighters putting out fire
M/S Protester putting rest of the fire out, debris on street
M/S Firefighters putting out fires
M/S Firefighters putting out fires
W/S Firefighters
M/S Smouldering remains of fire
W/S Protesters chanting "out with the fascists", holding banner
M/S Protesters chanting and clapping
W/S Line of police
W/S Protesters moving away from police vehicles
W/S Police advancing past roadblocks
W/S Police vehicle
W/S Line of police
W/S Police vehicle
W/S Fire burning
M/S Graffiti reading (Spanish): "Whore Spain"
Thousands flooded the streets of Barcelona for the fourth straight day of protests on Thursday, as demonstrations decrying prison sentences for Catalonia's pro-independence leaders continued in the Catalan capital.
Protesters can be seen setting fires on the streets and blocking several roads as police attempt to maintain order. Firefighters can also be seen battling the flames amongst the crowds.
Thursday's protests come after the Spanish Supreme Court sentenced Catalan independence leaders to between nine and 13 years in prison on Monday.