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Russia: More footage emerges showing apparent abuse of inmates at Yaroslavl prison

8 18.07.2019 Инфо

W/S Novaya Gazeta's video
Text on screen (Russian): “A year ago 'Novaya Gazeta' published a video of torture from Yaroslavl’s Corrective Colony No. 1. After initiating a criminal case investigators confiscated technical devices in the colony. Experts restored deleted footage of video recorders. Among them videos with new abuses were found. Lawyers from 'Public Verdict Foundation' transferred them to 'Novaya Gazeta'. Events in the footage took place in 2016. The video contains violent images.”
*UPSOUND* (Russian): “Walk to a window. I say, walk to the window.”
*UPSOUND*: “Stay facing the wall.”
*UPSOUND*: “What is up? Disarray?”
*UPSOUND* : Walk to the window. Did I not tell you in Russian?
*UPSOUND*: [inaudible].
*UPSOUND*: “Get out of here.”
*UPSOUND*: “Take your hands off.”
*UPSOUND*: “Take your hands off.”
*UPSOUND*: “Lead him.”
*UPSOUND*: “Forward.”
*UPSOUND*: “Stay facing the wall.”
*UPSOUND*: “Did you not get it?”
*UPSOUND*: “So, will you not get out?”
*UPSOUND*: “Take your hands off.”
Text on screen: “We cannot show this segment according to law. The prisoner tried to do harm to himself in the footage.”
*UPSOUND*: “He will go nowhere.”
*UPSOUND*: “Get up.”
*UPSOUND*: “Record video.”
*UPSOUND*: “I am recording.”
*UPSOUND*: “That is it.”
*UPSOUND*: “Take your hands off me.”
*UPSOUND*: “Leave him alone.”
*UPSOUND*: “Silence.”
*UPSOUND*: “He did nothing.”
*UPSOUND*: “What is up?”
*UPSOUND*: [inaudible]
*UPSOUND*: “He is calm now.”
*UPSOUND*: “I tell you once again.”
*UPSOUND*: “We leave.”
*UPSOUND*: “Take your hands off me.”
*UPSOUND*: “Where are you going?”
*UPSOUND*: “What are you doing, bitch?”
*UPSOUND*: “What is up?”
*UPSOUND*: [inaudible].
*UPSOUND*: “Calm down.”
*UPSOUND*: “Shut your mouth.”
*UPSOUND*: [inaudible].
*UPSOUND*: “Take your hands of.”
*UPSOUND*: “Why are you doing this to him.”
*UPSOUND*: [inaudible].
Text on screen: “Segment is sped up.”
*UPSOUND*: “What is up?”
*UPSOUND*: “What did you make?”
*UPSOUND*: “Get up.”
*UPSOUND*: “I cannot get up, my backbone.”
Text on screen: “Assistant Prison Warden Duty Officer Igor Zaboldalov is reporting in region’s department about what happened in the correctional facility.”
*UPSOUND*: “Tanya, Semenov is put for tomorrow. Just a second. Igor Vladimirovich take it.”
*UPSOUND* Igor Zaboldalov, Assistant prison warden, duty officer (Russian): “What?”
*UPSOUND* Zabodalov: “Hello. Good afternoon! Number one correctional facility Assistant Prison Warden Duty Officer, captain Zabodalov. Please take the information for the record. 14:36 convicted Ivanov Andrei Eduardovich year of birth 1992. Article 161, part 2, prison sentence – 3 years. I will provide the details in the report later. And Abdulaev Dzhoshgun Akhmediyaogly. Year of birth 1991. Article 228, part 2, prison sentence – 3 years, 5 months. Refused to exit from the punitive confinement #13. In order to suppress their abusive practice, a riot control weapon [namely] rubber truncheon was used. At 14:45 and 14:50, respectively. #13. Yes, riot control weapons, yes. Yes, on soft parts. The report [will be provided] a bit later. An investigation is being carried out at the moment. The report will be after the investigation. Ivanov, 1992 year [of birth]. Yes, that is… No, they simply had a prohibited item. The cell [members] were taken out for a search and seizure. Well, for a search and seizure as well as for capturing prohibited items. Their behaviour was suspicious. When [we] started to take [them] out for a search and seizure – [they] refused to leave. Yes, a blade. Well, a blade for the shaving stick. Abdulaev had it. Yes. Well, what to say… We didn’t really beat. Only on soft parts. Doctor has checked them, convicts’ ability to work wasn’t affected. Everything is alright. No, no, what complaints? What kind of complaints? Yes, well, what to do? Got it, talk to you later! Alright. That’s it, nothing nowhere no this… It seems like it hasn’t arrived yet… I am thirsty.”
*UPSOUND*: “Yes, me too, actually.”
*UPSOUND* Zabodalov: “Let’s get something to drink and go.”
*UPSOUND*: “What do they have to do?”
*UPSOUND* Zabodalov: “Well, there is a riot in the prison camp. All the prisoners got there. ”
Text on screen): “Zabodalov calls to another prison employee”
*UPSOUND* Zabodalov: “Anton, listen, you know what I’ve reported to the headquarters? That we were taking them out for the seizure of prohibited items. I reported that we captured ‘moika’ [razor blade] well, a blade for shaving stick. Tell Kudryashov that it was reported that we were taking them out for the cell inspection as well as the seizure of prohibited items. Well, simply inspection. Inspection, yes. Yes, I saw a prisoner having a ‘moika’. That’s it. Say, that I reported this to the headquarters. Well, like this. It’s kinda normal. [The report] was accepted by the headquarter and nothing [wrong with it]. Nothing, everything is OK. I’d say this to the duty officer. No, they have been taken out for the inspections. Well, they are all lined up. Getting out. They were already ready. They simply wanted to go out for the inspection but were not allowed to do so. Bye-bye. Well, bye-bye.”
*UPSOUND* prison’s employee: “Does he have bruises on his buttocks?”
*UPSOUND* Zabodalov: “Well, everyone’s buttocks is alright. Well, to some extent. It was excellent yesterday. ”
*UPSOUND* prison’s employee: “He is supposed to work tomorrow.”
*UPSOUND* Zabodalov: “So what? Let him do it. Who exactly?”
*UPSOUND* prison’s employee: “Abdulaev.”
*UPSOUND* Zabodalov: “So what, let him do it. [Other prisoners] used to work with bruises on their buttocks and nothing happened.”
Text on screen: “We hope that criminal cases against prison’s employees participated in the torture will be opened.”
New footage appearing to show inmates being abused by guards at a prison in Yaroslavl was published on Wednesday by Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, after it obtained the material from human rights organisation Public Verdict Foundation.
According to the newspaper, the videos were filmed in February 2016 and then deleted from the prison employees’ bodycams. However, specialists managed to restore the footage.
The footage published by Novaya Gazeta appears to show guards abusing inmates in the prison, and also allegedly show a prisoner trying to injure himself by banging his head on a wall.
In another video, an officer identified as a prison doctor asks another guard if a beaten inmate's buttocks are covered in bruises.
This is the fourth publication by Novaya Gazeta of videos of abuse at the Yaroslavl prison. Criminal cases were launched after the previous publications. The Federal Penitentiary also set up a special commission to check and investigate incidents of violence in prisons.