Rescuers Retrieve Six Bodies From Flooded Colombian Mine

Colombia's disaster response service said on Friday rescue workers began recovering bodies from an underground gold mine in Colombia where flood waters trapped 15 workers,
Six corpses were recovered early Friday from the mine in Riosucio municipality in Caldas province, 136 miles northwest of the capital Bogota, as pumps began to lower water levels inside the mine's access shaft.
Local media reported the accident was caused by a power cut, which shut off pumps that the miners, who were working independently, used to keep out water from a major river that passes beside it and that dozens of other workers escaped before it flooded on Wednesday.
The informal mine was undergoing the formalization process by which the government would enable illegal miners to obtain licenses when they agree to comply with certain norms.
One of the mine's owners told local media he had begun the process two years ago but authorities had yet to make an official inspection. The National Mining Authority had no immediate comment.