Greece: Union supporters rally against social security reforms in Athens

Supporters of the Greek Communist party and their affiliate union, the All Workers Militant Front (PAME), rallied in Athens on Thursday to protest against social security reforms.
Thousands marched from Omonia Square to the Greek Parliament in Syntagma square. Streets to and from centre remained closed for several hours.
"The completion of the negotiations will signify further burdens for workers. A more powerful social reaction is needed now. The interest of the people will be decided by the success of the upcoming strikes and not by government's false promises," said Dimitris Koutsoumbas, Secretary General of the Greek Communist Party of Greece.
Over 60 percent of Greeks voted to reject austerity measures such as cuts to social security in a referendum last year; however the Syriza government eventually caved in to euro zone pressure and accepted new austerity measures in return for the release of much-needed funds. Pensions have been cut 11 times since 2010.