Russia: Moscow scientists unveil secrets of zero gravity research

Scientists from the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems demonstrated their investigations into the impact of space gravity on a human body, in Moscow, on Thursday.
Researcher Ilya Rukovishnikov explained that during dry immersion experiment, a tester is put into a water bath covered with an elastic waterproof fabric in order to "imitate zero-gravity factors on the human body."
The tester therefore undergoes the physiological effects of microgravity, including centralisation of body fluids and the removal of support following five-days of bathing. At the end of this period, scientists completed multiple medical examinations similar to those undertaken on cosmonauts and astronauts returning to earth from space.
Microgravity has negative influences on a human body within a short time frame, like the loss of muscle tone and ability to properly react to gravity in the whole. The scientists aim is to decrease these negative effects.