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Romania: Protesters condemn police incompetence following teen’s murder

37 034 29.07.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters in front Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bucharest
M/S Protesters standing around candles
M/S Memorial site with candles and flowers
C/U Photo depicting victim Alexandra
C/U Candles and lights
M/S Protesters chanting "We want to be safe at home and on the streets"
W/S Protesters chanting "One, two, three, down with the offenders"
M/S Two women vandalizing wall of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with message "Police kills"
W/S Vandalized walls
SOT, Protester (Romanian): "The tragedy at Caracal, in addition to the tragic death of two teenagers, is about minimizing violence against women in public discourse, about normalizing abuse, about the fact that in Romania in 2019 the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl does not affect the police officers who are convinced that she left with the man."
W/S Protesters listening to speaker *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Protester (Romanian): "How long should we put up with the incompetent and stupid people in the public service? Society should put meritocracy first. We should not have incompetent people in high positions within the public service anymore. This costs us lives. We won't tolerate anything like this anymore."
C/U Banner depicting gagged women with message reading "Believe us"
W/S Protesters
C/U Girl wearing mask reading "Believe us"
SOT, Protester: "We are basically protesting against the fact that the Romanian state is not able to protect its citizens and moreover not [only] its citizens in general but its women citizens."
C/U Protesters with banner reading "Police kills" *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Protester: "We are here today to show that women are not protected in this state and the fact that the Romanian society is a misogynistic society where it's okay to harass women, where priests go online with declaration that say that it's okay to keep a baby after a rape because the person wanted to be raped in a way."
C/U Sign reading "If one falls, we all fall"
M/S Protesters holding signs
W/S Protesters observing moment for silence
C/U Little girl
C/U Little girl's mother
W/S Protesters leaving messages at memorial site
M/S Protesters lighting up candles at memorial site
M/S Protester leaving messages at memorial site
M/S Protesters booing and chanting at police *UPSOUND* (Romanian): "Police everywhere, justice nowhere"
M/S Protesters confronting police *UPSOUND* (Romanian): "Criminals"
M/S Protesters chanting at police *UPSOUND* (Romanian): "Police kills"
Hundreds gathered in front of the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Bucharest on Sunday to condemn the authorities and the police after they failed to respond to a 15-year-old girl’s urgent calls for help after being kidnapped and raped, and before her subsequent murder.
Protesters laid flowers and lit candles at a makeshift memorial outside the ministry for the victim who has been identified as Alexandra Macesanu.
"How long should we put up with the incompetent and stupid people in the public service?" demanded an angry protester after the reports indicated that the police had waited about 19 hours to take action.
Police briefly confronted protesters after two women vandalised the wall of the ministry with graffiti reading "Police kill."
The teenager had reportedly called the police three times to say she had been kidnapped while hitchhiking to her village from Caracal in southern Romania.
According to the reports, Gheorghe Dinca, a 65-year-old mechanic has confessed not only to the killing of Alexandra, but also 18-year-old Luiza Melencu who went missing in April.