What Has Louisiana Got on Albert Woodfox of the Angola Three?

Louisiana's attorney general wants a third trial for the last of the "Angola Three," calling the prison activist who spent decades in solitary after the killing of a guard "the most dangerous person on the planet."
A federal judge ruled this week that Albert Woodfox must be freed immediately, saying the state has never proved and never will prove that he was responsible for the stabbing death of Brent Miller 43 years ago.
That begs the question of why Woodfox is in prison in the first place. Prison officials say he grabbed miller from behind while others stabbed him. But Miller's widow Teenie Rogers did her own investigating and says there's no evidence that Woodfox is guilty.
The prison activist has been the subject of documentaries, Peabody Award winning journalism, United Nations human rights reviews and even a theatrical play. He organized a Black Panther Party chapter to challenge the brutal conditions inside the sprawling Louisiana State Penitentiary.