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Biologist Roseane Faria voiced her concerns that overfishing and changing currents have led to an increase in the number of Magellanic penguins dying or being left stranded on Brazil's beaches, whilst speaking at the Instituto Gremar, in Guaruja, Wednesday. Increasing numbers of the penguins, who come from Argentina's Patagonian region, have washed up on Brazil's beaches in recent years and Faria is concerned that local residents, who think penguins belong in the cold, don't know how to treat the birds properly. "When they get stranded people put them in the fridge. They try to help but it's wrong," the biologist said. Currently, there are 41 penguins at the Instituto Gremar, with a rate of two or more arriving each day. Faria and her team provide the birds with medical attention and food and after a few months of rest and recuperation, the penguins are released back into the ocean so they can to return to Patagonia.


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