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USA: UFO hunters converge on Area 51

2 22.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Graffiti on sign reading: 'Storm Area 51'
W/S 'Little Aleinn' sign and UFO hanging from truck
W/S Police
SOT, Ali, UFO hunter: "Look, on my grave, on my deathbed, I'm not going to be talking about my internship, which I love, I love my boss, I'm not going to be talking about my school, I love my professors, I'm going to be talking about the day I invaded a military base, yee-haw."
M/S 'Little Aleinn' sign and UFO hanging from truck
SOT, UFO hunter 1: "Not really, actually. I haven't really had any specific, I haven't been with any alien interventions or things like that. I'm always a little sceptical about the narrative that is put forth regarding that sort of thing. I've kind of always sought my own answers in that regard.
UFO hunter 2: "Alex talks to aliens."
UFO hunter 1: "Come to some interesting conclusions"
UFO hunter 2: "He does."
Alex, UFO hunter: "Yes, I saw an alien."
UFO hunter 2: "He talks to spirits or semi-aliens, in my opinion."
Cameraman: "Tell me all about it."
Alex, UFO hunter: "The aliens said that 9/11 was an inside job and that it was actually them who did it in co-operation with the US government."
W/S Graffiti on sign reading: 'Let's see them ALIENS!'
SOT, UFO hunter: "We are dealing on this planet with terribly, terribly evil, evil ghosts, which is, like, which is why it's hard to disclose it, because that's crazier than aliens, that's, you know, that's weirder and that's why it's so hard to disclose. But that's why, because that's been very, very hidden, because they don't... they have more power if we don't acknowledge them. If we're just like, 'Oh no, ghosts are crazy, persecute the people who know about ghosts and poison the people who talk about spirits, 'Oh, they're crazy', because the people have been artificially programmed to be that way, to be harmful, to be cruel to the people who actually are aware of these things."
M/S 'Little Aleinn' sign and UFO hanging from truck
SOT, Zoe, UFO hunter: "Yes we saw a craft in the sky that was pretty far out, but it was pretty noticeable that it was not just a star or a satellite and we just did a guided meditation with a [inaudible] that helped us, like, connect with our some of our alien guides, so I had an experience with an alien that way."
W/S Man dressed as alien holds up sign reading: 'I escaped Area 51 waiting for mothership'
SOT, UFO hunter 3: "That's a hard question to answer, but, I mean, the more people we get interested and advanced, the better chances we have. NASA's kind of slow, so we want to do it now. The 60s, the moon landing. We need to advance a lot quicker. We should have been a lot further along."
M/S People dressed as aliens
W/S 'Little Aleinn' sign and UFO hanging from truck
UFO hunters headed to rural Nevada on Saturday near the Area 51 US military base.
The second day of the 'Storm Area 51' saw lower turnout than expected, with only an estimated 3,000 making the pilgrimage to the secretive US Air Force installation.
Fears of a raid on the site were overdone, with many choosing to wear space suits, alien masks and tin foil hats.
The Air Force has issued a warning to public not to trespass on the site, which has long been the subject of conspiracy theories.