Libya: Presidential Council meet with regional leaders in Tripoli

Members of Libya's Presidential Council including its chairman Fayez al-Sarraj met with the heads of the country's southern and western municipalities in Tripoli, Sunday evening, marking the beginning of the council's work.
Among the attendees were the leaders of Terhana, Alchuirv, Murzuk, Alibwanas, Sabratha, Gharyan, Sorman, Regdalin and others.
Libya's UN-backed Presidential Council are attempting to develop cooperation throughout the conflict-torn state after arriving in the Libyan capital last week following the news that ten cities formerly under the control of their rivals - pledged support to the proclaimed prime minister.
The Presidential Council, or "The Government of National Accord" (GNA), was brought about through a power-sharing agreement, brokered by the UN, which was signed in December. Having arrived in Tripoli by boat on Wednesday, the Presidential Council intends to start their administrative duties from the city's naval base.
Their arrival drew the ire of the militia backed authority which remains in charge of Tripoli, who ordered the GNA to leave or surrender. Reports emerged on Friday, of sporadic gunfire and road blocks leading into the Libyan capital.
Many international powers have acknowledged the Presidential Council as Libya's only legitimate government. However outbreaks of fighting continue in the capital, alongside internal opposition.