Русия отрича, че иска да разцепи НАТО

It has never been Russia’s aim to ‘split’ NATO, said spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, during a statement to press in Moscow, Friday.
Commenting on the statements of NATO General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg that Russia wants to 'split NATO,' Maria Zakharova said that this has never been Russia’s intention, rather her nation has "stood out and called for consolidation of the efforts of all world community representatives" to solve regional problems and “to resist real, unimagined threats to modern world."
On the issue of Russia’s operation in Syria, she remarked that decreased number of refugee coming from Syria is "an obvious result of Russian air forces operations” in that country.
She also accused Syrian opposition force ‘Ar Riyadh’ of using the “humanitarian situation” in Darayya, which has been encircled by “Syrian government forces” as means for “self-PR” and as an excuse to “break the cease fire.” Zakharova explained that “They [‘Ar Riyadh’] threatened again that they will not participate in the dialogue with representatives of Syrian government until Darayya is unblocked and demanded UN an emergency delivery of humanitarian help.”