China: Meet Shen Hua, the 93-year-old granddad who pumps iron daily

A 93-year-old granddad, Shen Hua, from Guangzhou province of China works out an hour each day so as to slow the effects of ageing and to keep fit and healthy, as shown by footage shot on Friday. He started working out at the age of 70 with an aim to remain healthy and extend his life expectancy, after seeing his youngest grandchild reach an age where they could look after themselves. He has acquired a huge following of people that are in awe of his muscles and strength after pictures of him appeared on a social network site. Hua is said to make clear that he just wants to remain fit and healthy and doesn't want to be seen as an 'extreme' sportsman. He also hopes to get more young people to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle.