Antarctic Penguins Boost Their Breed by Melting Snow With Poop

Apparently these Antarctic Gentoo penguins know a thing or two about landscaping.
Footage collected by the University of Oxford-sponsored Penguin Watch program shows a large group of the penguins seemingly using their poop to melt the snow. Gentoo penguins have to wait until rock is exposed to be able to breed, which means they are rather eager for snow to melt in the spring.
According to data collected by the Penguin Watch program, the Gentoos are actually outcompeting other Antarctic species, such as the Chinstrap and Adélie penguins. The scientists are quick to point out, however, that the penguins are definitely not using their poop to landscape on purpose, even if it is giving them an advantage.
The snow melt is caused by a combination of the penguins walking over the same patch of ground multiple times, and the darker color of the poop absorbing more heat from the sun.