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France: Russian startup ExoAtlet present human exoskeleton at Innorobo 2015

67 02.07.2015 Инфо

Russian startup company ExoAtlet presented its exoskeleton of the same name, ExoAtlet, which is designed to help people with the rehabilitation process after a serious injury or stroke at the Innorobo 2015 exhibition in Lyon on Thursday. ExoAtlet is an exoskeleton which supports movement for people with restricted limb function. It can can be used to facilitate the rehabilitation of lower-limb trauma victims and is designed to help overcome paralyses caused by cerebral apoplexy or spinal cord injury. The company ExoAtlet was formed by a group of robotics students at Moscow State University and is based at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, a highly modern complex created to encourage science and technology companies and startups.