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USA: Dozens of protestors arrested in standoff with police

4 27.07.2016 Инфо

Police arrested 46 protestors in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on Tuesday, where people held a demonstration over the killing of Philando Castile, who was shot dead by a police officer earlier this month.
The police were attempting to reopen the street, on which the Governor of Minnesota lives, where protestors have been camped since July 7, the day after Castile's death. They started their operation to clear the blocked street earlier on Tuesday; in the process, police arrested dozens of protestors for public nuisance and unlawful assembly.
Protests have rocked the US following a series of high profile police shootings of African American men. Alton Sterling, 37, was shot when two police officers went to investigate a claim that he was in possession of a gun while selling CDs in the parking lot Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Philando Castile's death came just one day after Sterling's, in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, also at the hands of a police officer. Both killings were caught on camera, with both videos gaining a lot of attention online.
Credit: Brandon Long