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Klaudiusz Golos is the proud owner and creator of a fully functional upside down car which he showed off at his 'The World is Upside Down' theme park in Trassenheide on Monday. Discussing the challenge he faced in creating the vehicle, Golos said that "the most difficult part was to turn everything upside down in a way that the car would still be drivable and fully functional, this was the biggest challenge and we've spent around 2,600 working hours on this project." Originally Golos wanted to use a Volkswagen Beetle since it's "the most produced car in the world," however the vehicle's round shape made the task impossible. Golos and a friend, who helped build the car, eventually settled on the BMW Cabrio 318. The main attraction at Golos' theme park is a huge upside down house, though he admits its "impossible for a human to function in this sort of house that we created." The theme park owner confesses that it is a "dream" of his to make his upside down house liveable, and is currently working on a "concept" to achieve his goal.


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