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Hong Kong: Teachers voice 'deep concern' for fate of future generations

1 17.08.2019 Инфо

M/S Teachers and students hold anti-government rally at Chater Garden, Hong Kong
C/U Protesters hold sign
M/S Protesters marching with signs reading (Mandarin): "Be conscientious"
W/S People marching and shouting: "Stop police violence, respond to the appeals"
M/S People marching and shouting: "Stop police violence, respond to the appeals"
C/U Policeman on patrol line
W/S Student holding sign
C/U Student holding poster reading (Mandarin): "Sorry for these last two two months, you're worrying about us"
M/S Protesters marching in rain
C/U Protester standing under rain with sign
C/U Protester standing under rain
M/S Protesters tie white ribbon on the fence outside Government house
C/U People tie white ribbon
M/S Protesters holding banner outside front gate of Government house reading (Mandarin): "Safeguard our next generation"
M/S Protesters shouting (Mandarin): "Add oil, safeguard our next generation, let our conscience speak"
SOT, Ip Kin-yuen, Legislative Councillor: "Teachers are very concerned about the future of Hong Kong and also the fate of our younger generations, so we are coming out to express our very deep concern about Hong Kong and our younger generation. The younger generation know the protesters are being beaten by the police and also they are suffering from being arrested and so on. This will affect their lives tremendously. So all our teachers are really concerned about that and we are ready to stand up and to speak for them, and we want justice, we want Hong Kong to be free, so these are our targets."
C/U Theme poster reading (Mandarin/English): "Safeguard the next generation, let our conscience speak"
W/S Anti-government rally outside Chater Garden
Teachers and students gathered at Chater Garden in Hong Kong's Central District on Saturday as unrest continues to hit the city's streets.
Demonstrators marched under heavy rain under the slogan "Let our conscience speak" and tied white ribbons on a fence outside Government House as a sign of protest.
Teachers voiced their concern regarding the future of younger generations after weeks of clashes between protesters and authorities, Legislative Councillor Ip Kin-yuen said.
The rally was organised by the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, who are also demanding the release of all jailed protesters and universal suffrage.
Since the mass rally against the extradition bill began on June 9, at least 748 protesters have been detained by police.