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The world's first cafe to be run entirely by robots opened its doors to customers at Dubai's World Trade Centre on Monday. The CafeBot concept cafe, which was launched by UAE-based engineering company Digi Robotics, features a team of German-made KUKA robots, which take on a range of roles, from serving up hot beverages behind the counter, to mowing the lawn, and even playing chess with customers. Speaking about the concept, Gautam Ahuja, a Business Development Manager at the company, emphasised that the CafeBot was not so much about cutting labour costs but saving waste, adding that it is adaptable to a number of industries such such as oil, construction and manufacturing. The robots are valued at 300,000 euro (340,000 USD). The pop-up cafe is currently open to customers as part of as part of Gitex technology week which runs until October 22.


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