Germany/Poland: Drone delivers abortion pills to Slubice despite German police intervention

The Dutch activist group 'Women on Weaves' delivered a package of abortion pills to Slubice, Poland from Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany via drone, Saturday, in an effort to assist women in Poland with the safe termination of their unwanted pregnancies. The two cities are separated by the Oder River, over which the drone crossed. Activists on the German side of the river were disrupted by police officers who attempted to halt the delivering of the World Health Organisation (WHO) approved drugs. A scuffle ensued in which the police confiscated the activist's drone transmitters. Marc Godrfoy, who was piloting one of the drones, said that the women's group had looked into the legality of their action and found that "it was allowed" under German law. Despite the disruption both drones landed on the Polish side of the river, where they were picked up by women's group activists who promised to provide the drugs to those that wanted them. Poland has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe, only allowing the practice if there is proof of rape or incest, a danger to the mother's life or the foetus is extremely malformed. While women are criminalised for having abortions, the physicians who perform them can face up to two years in prison if convicted.