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France: Leaders start Biarritz G7 summit's first working session

2 378 25.08.2019 Инфо

M/S French President Emmanuel Macron shaking hands with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Biarritz
C/U Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talking with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
M/S Macron greeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel
W/S G7 Leaders at working session
C/U US President Donald Trump talking with Macron
C/U Merkel talking with Johnson and Abe
C/U Trump approaching Macron and Abe
C/U Trudeau
C/U Johnson, Trudeau and Merkel talking
W/S G7 leaders heading to sit
M/S Trudeau sitting
C/U Merkel seated
C/U Trump adjusting jacket
M/S G7 leaders around table
C/U Abe holding folder
W/S G7 leaders at table
The G7 leaders, and European Council President Donald Tusk, gathered for the G7 summit's first working session, which is on the topics of security and the global economy, in Biarritz on Sunday.
Footage shows French President Emmanuel Macron sharing a lengthy handshake with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as other leaders greeting each other before taking their seats around the table.
The G7 summit started in Biarritz on Saturday and runs until August 26, with world leaders set to discuss topics including tackling global inequality, the US-China trade dispute, the Hong Kong protests and the climate crisis.