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Russia: Soyuz spacecraft carrying humanoid robot fails to dock with ISS

0 24.08.2019 Инфо

W/S RKA Mission Control Center, Korolyov, Russia
SOT, Vladimir Soloviev, First Deputy General Designer for flight operation, testing of space rocket kits and systems, (Russian): "Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get FEDOR robot today. Everything was fine with rapprochement, to the near section, to a range of 200 metres. And then we went to previously unseen vibrations at the stage. In general, we realised that in automatic mode it will not be possible to dock. But FEDOR, we, unfortunately, have not yet taught manual modes, he cannot carry them out. Therefore, we had to ensure a safe divergence at a safe range, the command "withdrawal" and, at least, the closest analysis of telemetry showed that we have correctable remarks on the radio equipment that will provide the near section. Now an action program is being developed that will allow replacing part of the blocks, it all applies to the ISS, there is a good trained crew, we have already talked with them about the program of activities and they understand what needs to be done. I suppose, after we carry out these conditional work with the proximity radio equipment in the near section, we will certainly carry out an autonomous check. And now we have plans for Sunday morning about the same time - 8-9 in the morning (5-6 GMT), to ensure re-docking, so that everything works out for us."
M/S Soloviev talking to person in RKA Mission Control Center
The Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft which was supposed to dock at the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday, at 08:30 local time (5:30 GMT), failed to so, as an official from Russia's Roscosmos space agency explained from the agency's control centre in Korolyov on the same day.
The docking was planned to take place at 08:30 local time (5:30 GMT). By this time the craft was 100 metres (328 feet) from the station. The docking was supposed to take place in automatic mode and although the Soyuz successfully approached the ISS, flew over the station and stopped in front of the module, it was then visible on the broadcast that the Kurs automatic docking system could not stabilise the ship and begin the final approach to the station.
Subsequently the ship pulled back, having been 96 metres (315) away at its closest, after which the broadcast ceased.
According to first Deputy General Designer for flight operation, testing of space rocket kits and systems Vladimir Soloviev, the next attempt to dock the spacecraft to the ISS will be undertaken on the night of August 25-26.